Are you a smart & soulful woman entrepreneur struggling to make money, doing what you love?
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If you are an artist, healer or creative, who is tired of the feast and famine cycles and ready to quit the guesswork, join WINC for a free online workshop, to get 100% focused on the tasks & strategies that actually drive your revenue up...
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In this free online workshop, you'll learn...
  How a business actually works – meaning what to do, in what order, and why to ignore most of the noise out there. 

  The four areas of your business that consistently put money in your bank account 

  How the "Engine of Your Business Revenue" works, and why you can't make money until you understand it

  Why you feel overwhelmed with all you "could do" or "should do" and how to change this for good

  The one thing your must spend the majority of your time on, if you're not making enough money

  How to diagnose the surface issues that keep you from making money, as well as the deeper, systemic problems holding your business back.

In this online workshop, you will become more confident about knowing what to do in your business, feel more capable of creating success and making great money and begin the empowering journey of becoming a skillful, graceful businesswoman who takes effective actions to consistently bring customers into your business.

I can't wait to share this with you!

Elizabeth Winheld, CEO of WINC

Who this is for...
• The woman who is totally ready to change her financial reality, but isn’t trying to be an overnight millionaire.

• The woman who is still struggling to talk or write about what she does.

• The woman who feels more connected to serving than selling.

• The woman who is trying to feed herself and family with something meaningful.

• The woman yearning to translate her complex person into work that’s aligned and satisfying.
Ready to finally generate great money, doing what you love?
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Marielle Williams
Jewelry Designer &
“By the third-month of the Program, I grew my revenue 10x and now I’m working full-time on my business!”
Katie Back
Alexandre Technique
“By doing the Program, in six weeks, I generated as much revenue as I’d made in the previous six months!”
Emily Braucher
“I feel like a business woman now. The WINC Program held my feet to the fire, and I just signed a client that will crush my Q2 revenue goals!”
Sarah Bryden
Educator, Wilderness Guide & Public Speaker
"In less than 3 months of WINC, for the first time in my life, I am supporting myself financially with my creative gifts and vision."